Another Hot and Hazy Thursday

Highs will reach 100 again.
Posted at 6:43 AM, Jun 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-16 07:43:36-04

CENTRAL TEXAS — Get ready for another toasty one! Highs will climb to around 101° this afternoon. The humidity will make it feel closer to 103°. We will also have another burst of Saharan dust working in, so if you're someone with a sensitive respiratory system, you'll want to limit your time outside.

High pressure weakens for a couple of days bringing spot shower chances in the afternoon, though many will miss out. Next week, our heat dome pumps the iron again, and we'll see highs climb to near 103°. Buckle up, because summer is just getting started.

Stay cool!

Meteorologist Josh Johns
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