After eclipse, attention turns to severe weather

Posted at 6:22 PM, Apr 07, 2024

25 WEATHER — First things first: let's talk about the visibility of the eclipse tomorrow. Our thinking has not changed too much. We still anticipate stratus clouds during the event, possibly overlaid with some cirrus clouds. However, there should be a few breaks in the clouds, leading to about a 30 to 35% chance of a good view of totality. Not everyone will be in a fortunate spot, but some will.

When totality is over and the event returns to a partial eclipse, we will move our focus to severe weather potential for the afternoon. We expect storms to get going in the mid-afternoon mainly east of I-35, but storm development could occur along the interstate or just west of there, too. Any storm that develops will have the potential to become severe, carrying threats of hail (possibly large), damaging winds and a few tornadoes.

It will be important to make sure you don't turn your back to the weather just because the eclipse will be over. If you'll be continuing activities outside, make sure you have a sheltered place nearby just in case. For those on the roads in the afternoon, keep an eye on the weather around you and be ready to divert to shelter if need be. We will bring you our latest thoughts on the situation as part of our live eclipse coverage tomorrow.

Caleb Chevalier
25 Weather