From Rain, to Dust, an interesting week of weather coming for Central Texas

Posted at 12:37 AM, Apr 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 16:54:11-04

Howdy 25 Weather Watchers! We want to first wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Mother nature spun up an interesting week as a Father’s day gift. We’ll see it all this week: Heat, Rain, Cooler Temperatures, and even Saharan Dust! Let’s start with the rain chances.


Our summer-time friend (enemy), high pressure, has decided it’s time to slack off some. A much weaker high pressure system will allow disturbances to swing into Central Texas. That will bring multiple days of rain chances...but not before some heat can sneak in. Monday will be a very warm and humid day with highs climbing into the mid 90s. That’s the heat for this week. Because afterwards, the moisture hanging around from the weaker high will keep our temperatures down. Unfortunately, the humidity will still be around, so even though we have cooler temperatures, it will still feel like June outside in Central Texas.

The strongest of these disturbances arrives Tuesday. That will bring the best chance of scattered showers and storms to Central Texas. Models differ on the timing, so it will be important to stay tuned to First Alert 25 each day as we iron out the timing.

Once that disturbance moves through, the pattern will become “stuck” which means daily chances of rain and moisture hanging around.


With everything stuck, and the moisture and rain chances hanging around, that will keep our temperatures below normal. Technically we can call this “cooler”...and you’ll notice it. Highs will fall to the upper 80s and low 90s. It’ll be a slight cool-down. Afternoon feel-like temperatures will go from hovering near 100, to hovering closer to 95 or 96. Doesn’t sound like a huge drop, but if you frequent the outdoors, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Also if you get under a shower, it will cool you off to the 70s and 80s!! On top of that, if we can get clouds and rain to hang around a bit more, we can keep shaving those temperatures. So there may be better results on the way.


Finally, we’ll be greeted by another summer-time visitor, Saharan Dust. Now, before you think 2020 is out to get us again, don’t fret. This is normal in Central Texas during the summer. It comes in waves at times. As of Father’s day, there is a big plume sitting out over the Atlantic. With the weaker high we were talking about, that will position us perfect for that plume to move right over next weekend. The interesting thing about this plume is models have shown it will be a medium-high concentration when it reaches us.

Most of us won’t be bothered by it, but those with sensitive respiratory systems and sensitive allergies could have a little bit of trouble with it. At times, it can also slightly lower air quality levels. We will keep you updated on that. For those that aren't bothered by it, you will notice it in a more milky or hazy look to the sky. Sunsets can also appear more vibrant and orange with the dust in the air. And of course, if you get a beautiful picture, share it with us on our Facebook pages, Twitter, or … we love seeing your shots.

Until then have a great week and enjoy the rain!

-First Alert Meteorologist Josh Johns