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Waco aims to help small businesses through 'we all win'

Posted at 10:03 PM, Dec 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-07 23:04:16-05

WACO, Texas — Small business owners have little less than a month to possibly get assistance from the city of Waco’s ‘We all win’ grant funding.

The program aims to help mom and pops stores in the community that have been impacted by COVID and much more. One business that is still trying to bounce back is now getting a hand.

Tru Jamaica in Waco opened its doors in January of 2020. The business was booming until the pandemic hit, co-owner Aniceto Charles said they had to survive the best way possible.

“The bottom line has been impacted tremendously I’d say between 35 and 50 percent difference and then employees we haven’t had to let any employees go employees have moved on their own,” said Charles.

The City of Waco aims to help small businesses dealing with similar issues by committing nearly 4.5 million dollars to the ‘We all win’ grant program.

“It’s really for the business to help them remain open and or potentially expand, you know we anticipate some businesses will use the funding provided under this program for expansion,” housing and community development director Galen Price said.

‘We all win’ grant funding started out on a smaller scale to work out the kinks before opening to all small businesses in January.

Tru Jamaica was granted $58,000 and the owner says they will use the money to pay employees and improve infrastructure like building a paved parking lot.

‘We all win’ opens in January 2023 for all small businesses in Waco.