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2 Central Texas school districts revamping procedures for football games after situation

Posted at 10:27 PM, Sep 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-20 10:25:18-04

ROSEBUD-LOTT, Texas — Two local school districts changed their safety policies after a child experienced a scary situation.

25 News spoke to one superintendent about the changes at the football game Friday night in Chilton between Rosebud-Lott. A young child fought off an alleged would-be kidnapper under the bleachers.

The district said police are still looking for the suspect, but it’s taking steps to make games safer.

"We’re just concerned, I mean Chilton is very close to us and so we just want to make sure our children stay safe," said Superintendent Dr. Jim Rosebrock.

Changes have been made like students that played behind the concession stand or under the bleachers will be escorted to the stands to sit with an adult.

"All of the kids like to get up and play and run, so we’re encouraging all our students to stay with their parents and our parent to escort our kids, especially the younger ones to the concession stands or the restroom," said Rosebrock.

These are all steps out of an abundance of caution for students' safety, as eyes and ears from school employees cannot be everywhere during an event.

“I think the safety things we need to do is ... to always know where our kids are and have the kids always tell their parents where they’re going," said Rosebrook.

The superintended said older children must say something if they see anything out of the norm.

“Our more mature and older students need to have their eyes open because they know who the staff are on duty to go report immediately anything they might see that’s unusual," Rosebrock said.

We spoke with many parents that did not want to be interviewed on camera.

Some shared how they will keep their children close by at any public event.

One mother said she will avoid running into this problem completely by not attending the games with her children.