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Trucking and diesel industry turns to TSTC for up-and-coming workers

TSTC held their annual Spring Job Fair where the need for diesel workers is a must
Posted at 7:34 AM, Mar 20, 2024

WACO, Texas — The trucking and diesel industry is in need of workers. TSTC held their annual Spring Job Fair where over 200 employers came to talk to upcoming graduates and alumni on potential employment, including diesel industry companies who are excited for what TSTC students have to offer.

More than 1,000 people attended the job fair.


It’s an industry that’s in need of workers.

“America runs on diesel—you can’t have roads, you can’t have anything, you can’t have food in your stores without trucks,” TSTC graduating senior Sara Neeley said.

Neeley graduates from TSTC this spring with her sight set on working in the trucking and diesel industry.

“I’m looking for more of a mom and pop shop, somewhere I can go to and it’s kind of like a family that I can learn from. I want to start in the shop then go into the field for heavy equipment,” Neeley said.

She headed to the school’s job fair, where opportunities in this field are high.

Abby Selzer is a talent acquisition specialist for indsutral manufacturing company, Vermeer.

“We love TSTC, they’ve been giving us great graduates. I think it’s just an underrated career and one that we’re passionate about getting more of the younger generation involved,” Selzer said.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, out of 161,000 job seekers in the trade industry, more than a third are truck drivers.

John Hardin is the founder and Vice President of Houston Heavy Manchinery.

“Infrastructure projects all over the country are growing at a rapid pace and our company supports those projects with machinery. There’s more and more technology in all the machinery today, so, it’s getting harder and harder to find all of those technicians to help support and keep those machines running,” Hardin said.

Technology that graduating senior Reagan Klussmann has learned and is ready to apply in his professional career.

“I’ve learned a lot of stuff about the computers and UCMs, I didn’t know about them, the differentials, transgressions, I learned a lot of stuff about that,” Klussmann said.

A respected program, that’s ever-changing with the times.

“We do have all the training, all the aids, to be able to provide that education for our students that are ready to go into, if you want to call, a more advanced technological industry,” TSTC program lead Houston Weaver said.