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This Ikea refrigerator organizer gets you so much space

This Ikea refrigerator organizer gets you so much space
Posted at 2:42 PM, Jan 19, 2024

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If you look in my fridge right now, you’ll see a jar of salsa, a tub of Ranch veggie dip, a bunch of grapes and a container of hummus — all jockeying for frontline position. What’s behind all of those items?  I have no idea.

It’s time to get organized. And while it’s helpful to  store certain things in the door shelves or produce drawers, I need a better system. I need more assigned spots! I could add some bins to the melée, but I’d also really love to maximize my fridge space.

If you have a similar predicament, Ikea’s  Klippkaktus storage box can help. It’s a pull-out, transparent box that you attach below your fridge’s glass shelves — thus using vertical space that’s normally wasted.  Some easy-to-install rails and suction cups keep the box stable and allow you to pull the drawer open (and easily find the cheese wedge or leftover sauerkraut you stashed in there).

At just 7.5 inches wide, you could install two or four of them and really put things in order. At just $6 each, why not pick up more than one?



$6 at IKEA

Granted, not everyone has an IKEA around the corner. But you can pick up a similar under-shelf organizer at a number of different retailers. Here are five great options:

Yoousoo Fridge Drawer Organizer 4 Pack


$27 at Amazon

This set of plastic drawers comes in four pastel shades (white, green, pink and brown), so you can organize items by color. They also have ventilation holes, allowing fruits and vegetables to breathe and stay fresh longer. The drawers’s dimensions are 8 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches, but their width can be extended to 11.2 inches.

For this storage box to fit, make sure your fridge shelves are 1/2-inch wide or less.

Sorbus Pull Out Fridge Drawer

Home Depot

$28 at Home Depot

These transparent drawers are divided into four compartments, so you can store four types of food in one. You might use one of these drawers for four types of fruit and another for four types of vegetables. The dimensions are 12 x 7.75 x 3.75 inches, and the adjustable rail extension extends up to 19 inches.

For this storage drawer to fit, your fridge shelf must be no more than .6 inches thick.

Sensch Refrigerator Organizer Bins


$17 (was $20) at Walmart

Do you have lots of smaller items that get lost in the back of the fridge? These transparent drawers come with removable dividers, so you can separate condiment packs or single-serving foods into four or eight grids. They’re also slightly deeper in the back to help keep bottles and other food containers from tipping over and spilling. The dimensions of this drawer are 12 x 7.91 x 3.71 inches.

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OXO Refrigerator Undershelf Drawer 

The Container Store

$30 (10 in) and $35 (14 in) at The Container Store

These under-shelf drawers from OXO may be the easiest to install — with no tools required. Just fasten the adjustable frame to the shelf with the attached clips, and you’ll create a sturdy, clear plastic food storage compartment that pulls out with a rounded handle. You can get it in two sizes: 10 inches or 14 inches.

The OXO Undershelf drawer is part of the Good Grips Fridge-Focused Organization System, which also includes bins, shelves, and risers. For this storage drawer to fit, your fridge shelf must be no more than 1 inch thick.

Smart Design Clear Plastic Expandable Drawer


$30 at Lowe’s

Looking for a particularly sturdy pull-out drawer that can hold up to 20 pounds? The Smart Design Clear Plastic Expandable Drawer is large, durable, ventilated and expandable.

While this one fits most standard-sized refrigerators, you can attach it to a shelf anywhere in your house where you might need extra storage. You could even use it to stash small tools in a garage or as an extra drawer in your clothes closet!


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