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Super Bowl is all about the girlies as beauty brands take over ads

However, these ads do not come cheap, with a 30-second spot during the game costing about $7 million.
Super Bowl is all about the girlies as beauty brands take over ads
Posted at 4:11 PM, Feb 07, 2024

Move over beer; beauty brands are stealing the spotlight in Super Bowl advertising this Sunday.

The biggest buzz in football this season wasn't even about football — it was all about Taylor Swift, and her influence on NFL viewership was evident as girls aged 12–17 surged by 53%, while women above 35 increased by 34%, and those aged 18–24 by 24%, according to NBC Sports data.

So, it’s no surprise that some brands are seizing this opportunity and targeting women with their advertising efforts this year for the first time.

L'Oreal's NYX Professional Makeup is set to make its Super Bowl LVIII debut with a 30-second commercial featuring “Cardi B and powerful women at the forefront.”

Meanwhile, e.l.f. Cosmetics will have a 60-second ad featuring Judge Judy and the "Suits" cast throwing shade at pricey makeup and reassuring viewers that great makeup doesn't have to break the bank.

While not new to this rodeo, Dove is making a comeback to the Big Game after 18 years with a 30-second ad, spreading the message of body positivity and encouraging girls to stay active in the sports they love.

And in the spirit of targeting a younger audience, Nerds and its parent company, Ferrara, teamed up with TikTok influencer Addison Rae for their first-ever Super Bowl ad, aiming straight for Gen Z's heart.

However, these ads do not come cheap.

CBS, where the game will air, has reportedly filled all its airtime slots for the Super Bowl, with a 30-second spot during the game fetching about $7 million. 

These Super Bowl ads are always pricey due to high viewership and consumer interaction. 

Last year's game, in which the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, broke records with over 115 million U.S. viewers, making it the most-watched TV event in American history.

Now let's see if the Swift effect sets a new NFL record this year!

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