United Way of Waco helps parents get their kids ready for kindergarten

Posted at 1:52 PM, Jan 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-10 20:08:01-04

United Way of Waco-McLennan County is helping parents create early learning opportunities for young children. 

With the Born Learning initiative started in Waco Jan. of 2018, this program will help parents master their roles as a child's first teacher. 

Parents sign up to take six classes, in those classes parents will learn how to actively and effectively get their child ready for kindergarten. 

The workshops are free to sign up but space is limited, designed for parents with children ages from birth to five-years-old. 

"I was kinda skeptical at first, like is this going to be a lecture on how I need to, what I need to do with my baby," Alize Herrera, first-time mom said. "But it was actually really good and informative." 

Herrera has an 18-month-old and another one on the way. At 22-years-old she had a lot to learn. 

Starting with the SmartBabies initiative United Way of Waco works with parents and their babies to make sure moms are getting the right care during pregnancy and after.

 Then the Born Learning initiative puts parents through their 6 class workshop learning how to challenger their kids learning in everyday life. 

"Really giving parents the tools are resources they need to know that it really is beyond ABC's and 123's when we're looking at preparing children for school." Tiffani Johnson said, Director of Impact and Engagement for United Way of Waco. 

Ultimately preparing your little one for kindergarten, the prep goes beyond the basics and cannot wait until they sit in a classroom. 

"When I give him an apple, I'm not just giving it to him I'm describing the apple. It's red, it's round." Herrera said. 

The initiative doesn't aim to teach someone how to be a parent. 

"It's meant to evoke discussion," Johnson said. "What can you do um to include some new things at home that would maybe engage baby a little bit more." 

Herrera is now prepared for the future and grateful for the experience. 

"It's so much knowledge that I didn't know, and now knowing it, it's like a weight off my shoulders," Herrera said. 

For more information about Born Learning visit their website

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