Marlin interim police chief withdraws from position

Posted at 8:12 AM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 22:29:43-04

The interim Marlin city police chief has withdrawn from the position. 

The Marlin City Council appointed an interim Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police during a meeting on Tuesday night, Sept. 18. 

The city council named Ricky Scaman as Interim Chief of Police and Derick Johnson as Interim Assistant Chief of Police.

The men also serve as the Falls County Sheriff and Chief Deputy, respectively. 

On Sept. 27, Scaman announced that he was planned to "disengage from negotiating or implementing the proposed inter-local agreement involving executive management of the Marlin Police Department and assumption/merger of the Marlin Police Department dispatch operations." 

The most recent Chief of Police, Michael Pesses, chose to retire in August after serving with the department for about a year. The Chief of Police before Pesses, Damien Eaglin, resigned from his position, citing a hostile work environment.

In a statement, Scaman said: 

"I remain committed to a cooperative relationship between the Marlin Police Department and the Falls county Sheriff's Office. I believe the proposed cooperative agreements provide a level of positive continuity between our respective agencies. While the framework to address the legal concerns for the cooperative arrangement exists, the political bodies are not sufficiently in agreement for me to insure a successful result for the citizens of Falls County. 

Keefer said the city only had one applicant for interim position up to this point, so when city leaders were approached with this option, they felt it made the most sense.

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