Officer injured in motorcycle crash recovers from injuries at home

Posted at 2:14 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:31:51-04

A Harker Heights police motor officer who was injured on duty June 30 is now out of the hospital.

Clyde Hicks who has a broken collarbone, broken shoulder blade and head injuries is now recovering at home.

According to Harker Heights Police, he was attempting to catch up with a traffic violator on the Knights Way bridge turnaround and lost control of his motorcycle while turning.

"I would love to go back to work but I'm sore and grateful to be alive," Hicks said.

The 50-year-old doesn't remember the events before or after the crash.

"All I remember is starting my motorcycle in the driveway and heading into work. That's all I recall from that day," Hicks said.

"The road rash, the broken shoulder, the cobwebs in my head. I'm just thankful whatever happened wasn't worse than what it was," Hicks said.

His wife, Cindy, who is the Harker Heights Batallion Chief of Training, said she was scared when she received a call about the accident.

"I was worried that it was more serious, that he was not going to come around, that he was not going to be his old self, that he had a life-threatening injury,"  Cindy said.

Officer Hicks is expected to make a full recovery after some rest and occupational therapy.

"I feel blessed, it could've been so much worse and every day, he gets stronger," Cindy said.

Hicks is eager to return to go back to his job.

"I love doing police work. That's what I've done for 15 years. I love interacting with the public," Hicks said.

A doctor is expected to re-examine Hicks in four weeks. At that time, he will determine if he can return back to work where he will likely be assigned desk duty.

The family is grateful for the support they have received from departments in Central Texas and other states. In addition, they are appreciative of the well wishes members of the community have sent them.

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