Former Hewitt city councilman Facebook Lives being told not to be on city property

Posted at 10:23 AM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 10:17:41-04

Kurt Krakowian resigned from the city council on July 13, and on Monday, he said he was told he was not allowed on city property.

Krakowian said in a statement that a "frivolous complaint" had been filed against him, which lead to his resignation. The complaint cited misconduct, stemming from a message that Krakowian sent a friend on Facebook. 

In his resignation, Krakowian apologized to Katie Allgood and Cassie Muske. 

For the best interest for the City of Hewitt I am officially at noon today, July 13, 2018 resigning as the Hewitt City Councilman, At-Large seat. I wish the Mayor, my fellow councilmen and city staff the very best.

Krakowian was kicked out of city hall on Monday during a city council meeting. Krakowian recorded the interaction with Hewitt police on Facebook Live. He was told that if he was on city property, he was going to be charged with criminal trespassing. 

He was eventually allowed into the meeting, which he said is his right was a Hewitt citizen. 

 During the meeting, council members said they are unsure what the timeline is for filling the open council seat.

The Hewitt City Council also discussed several complaints filed against Mayor Ed Passlugo in May. 

Those complaints included defamation of character, workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment. 

The Texas Workforce Commission is investigating two complaints by employees at the meeting. City attorney Charles Buenger explained why council members will not comment. 

"Filing charges with the Texas Workforce Commision is a precursor to filing a lawsuit against the city. As a consequence, city council members have been advised not to make any public statements regarding information they've received of the city's legal counsel," Buenger said.

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