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Participate in #25Cares Random Acts of Kindness

Posted at 4:45 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-27 12:24:13-05

Central Texas News Now is about community, and we are looking for more ways to pay it forward.

As part of an ongoing project at Central Texas News Now, we will be doing random acts of kindness in the community. After we do a random act of kindness, we will be leaving a #25Cares card. 

If you receive one of these cards, take a photo with it and post it on social media using the hashtag #25Cares. After you post the photo, pay it forward and pass the card on. 

 </p><p>We are excited to see how far the card travels, and we will be posting your photos with the hashtag #25Cares.

If you need ideas for Random Acts of Kindness, try one of these out:

1. Pay for the next person in line in a drive-thru

2. Pay for someone's pet adoption

3. Leave a surprise in a library book

4. Leave a generous tip

5. Take out your neighbor's trash

6. Donate used blankets, towels to a shelter

7. Donate to a charity

8. Donate used books

9. Pay for someone's gas

10. Leave quarters at the laundromat

11. Make a meal for someone

12. Pay for someone's car wash

13. Be a welcoming neighbor

14. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

15. Let someone in front of you in line

16. Leave notes of encouragement on people's cars

17. Donate your old clothes

18. Send a care package to an overseas soldier

19. Mow the lawn for your neighbor

20. Donate your hair after a haircut

21. Bake something sweet for your coworkers

22. Offer to babysit for free

23. Hold umbrellas on a rainy day

24. Carry someone's groceries

25. Listen to someone who needs it

</p><p>We can't wait to see your random act of kindness!