Nearly 100 sailors travel to Waco for Navy Week

Posted at 5:00 PM, Apr 02, 2018
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Our nation's sailors are taking a break from the seven seas and heading inland for a new mission.

"We try to stick to cities that don't really have a large Navy presence and we come out to cities and just let the residents of the cities know what America's Navy really does for them," said Lt. Elizabeth Allen, spokesperson for the U.S. Navy.

America's Navy is traveling to 14 cities across the country this year as part of its Navy Week Outreach Program.

Navy Week focuses on connecting communities with the men and women who serve.

"We use Navy Weeks to go out to those select communities and just bring our Navy home and then meet the folks and answer their questions and talk about what we do and thank them for their support," said Rear Adm. James Bynum, Chief of Naval Air Training for the U.S. Navy.  

This week, nearly 100 sailors will make their way into Waco to visit schools, check in with fellow patriots and pay their respects to the fallen.

"Doris Miller is one of the fine heroes that's passed on a tremendous legacy of courage and commitment and heroism and he's a hometown boy right here from Waco," Bynum said.

The next six days will be jam-packed for our sailors, but they hope their short time in Texas will make a lasting impact.

"It's hard for people to get out to Norfolk and San Diego and see the big concentrations of the Navy, so bringing a little bit of the Navy to Waco kind of lets people know what we do on a daily basis and why we do it," Allen said.    

Last year's Navy Week program reached nearly 150 million people across the United States.

For a full list of events, click here.

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