TACO-BOUT A DEAL: Texas REALTOR offers $250 worth of tacos with each house she sells

Posted at 11:07 AM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 12:36:12-05

Texans notoriously love their tacos – and one Texas REALTOR is taking advantage of that fact.

Nicole Lopez-Cummins with Intero Real Estate Services is getting attention after she offered $250 worth of free tacos to anyone who buys a home she was selling in Cypress, TX.

Unfortunately for us, one lucky homeowner jumped on the chance to swim in taco heaven and will close on the house at the end of February.

So how did one come up with this genius idea?

Lopez-Cummins explained that Intero Real Estate Services is a marketing company first and a real estate company second. Lopez-Cummins is part of a team within Intero called the PR Group.

“Let’s be honest, real estate is very transactional and monotonous,” Lopez-Cummins said. “We try to always think outside the box and spice it up. We actually have taco deals on all of our group's listings. We are in the game of attracting consumer attention and standing out.”

She also added that they are a team of strong women – and they aren’t afraid to eat.

The “taco bonus” program is new to the company (started in August), and aside from the Cypress home, another “taco” house has already closed.

Plus, if you are thinking of copying this idea – keep in mind that the phrase "free tacos with purchase of this home" has been trademarked.

"It’s simply to protect the idea and keep that branding for ourselves," she said.

Lopez-Cummins has been in the industry for 8 years, and she has been a licensed REALTOR for 5 years. She started in Houston working on new home construction for production builders.

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