Hoofbeats for Heroes: horse therapy for Soldiers, Veterans, families

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-26 11:31:19-05

One Central Texas woman's dream of helping soldiers has turned into a reality for her and her horses.

"When you listen to the hooves hitting the ground, it's like a hoof beat. I want that to leave a hoof print on someone's heart," Tiffany Zeitouni, the founder of Hoofbeats for Heroes, said. 

Hoofbeats for Heroes is a new nonprofit at BLORA Ranch on Fort Hood. 

"We were awarded a 5-year contract with the US Army," Zeitouni added.

Zeitouni came up with the idea through experiences with her father, a reserve airman when she was a young girl, and a class project while a student at Texas A&M gave her an opportunity. 

"That outline ended up becoming the foundation of Hoofbeats for Heroes," Zeitouni said. 

She and her horses provide therapy for soldiers and veterans who suffer from stress or PTSD. 

"I call them my team of horse angels. They have special gifts, and I wanna share that with the community and be able to heal, be able to help families find peace," Zeitouni added. 

"To see that she wants to give back and help the soldiers that need it, and it makes you feel real good that she's doing something she's always wanted to do," Oscar Jenkins, Zeitouni's father, said.

The Hoofbeats for Heroes founder said she hopes to continue to expand her program and help even more Soldiers and their families. 

"Fort Hood will be our home," Zeitouni said. 

Hoofbeats for Heroes is also family-friendly, offering horse and pony rides for kids.