Pregnant mom wants answers after medicine is ruined during FedEx delivery

Posted at 10:04 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 23:06:57-05

A Central Texas woman wants answers from FedEx after a package of life-saving medication for her unborn child was ruined when she says it was left in the wrong place.

When Celestine Price was pregnant with her son two years ago, she delivered him six weeks early.

"I had premature ruptured membranes with caused him to have to be induced and come six weeks early," Price said

So her doctors are taking precautions this pregnancy to make sure that doesn't happen again.

They prescribed shots, called Makenna, to help reduce the risk of a pre-term labor or miscarriage.

"I'm supposed to take them every Friday starting on my 16th week. the doctor doesn't even want me delaying it a day," Price said. 

The shots cost $1,830 each without insurance, totaling nearly $8,000 per month.

Price had the shots shipped to her parents home in Belton in a rural area on Tuesday. She said she left special instructions to leave them on the porch if no one answered the door. Price said those instructions were not followed. 

"Tuesday afternoon my mom checks for them and doesn't find them. About an hour later my sister checks for them. She still doesn't find them. My dad checked around 5 and still couldn't find them. Then I came by around 9 and I couldn't find them," Price explained.

According to FedEx, the driver left them on the front porch. Price said it was not there. On Wednesday morning, her grandfather went to check again.

"He found them stashed behind the birdbath, a good distance from the front door where the FedEx driver claims he left them," she said. "The box was ice cold."

Price took the box to the pharmacists who said the shots were ruined. 

"So at that point, I had $8,000 of ruined medication and I'm supposed to be taking these every Friday," Price said.

She called FedEx but got few answers. She posted on Facebook explaining her frustrations.

"Without these shots, my child could be born significantly too soon."

Central Texas News Now reached out to FedEx. They sent us this statement: 

"FedEx is committed to the safe transport and delivery of all shipments, and we take any shipment concern seriously. We will work with our customer to determine what happened with her shipment."

On Friday, Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy told her they are going to cover the cost of new shots. Price said she is very thankful.

"They are going to eat the charges themselves and replace the vials for free for me and my family," Price said. 

But Price said she has had issues with delivery services, including Fed Ex before. She said something needs to change. 

"A policy needs to change as far as rural package deliveries and them treating them as they would to any other neighborhood," Price said.

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