Wild hogs tear up CTX golf course

Posted at 4:21 PM, Oct 03, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-03 15:19:58-04

A Central Texas golf course had some unwanted visitors multiple times last week.  Apparently, these visitors need to work on their golf etiquette. 

Keeping a golf course in pristine is hard when you have wild hogs running around and tearing up your tee boxes and fairways, and it's left the Hancock Park Golf Course director frustrated.

"It is frustrating, I mean like I said, the guys work hard on the course and to keep it looking in good shape and when you see the damage that was done and the time and money spent to take care of it... It's pretty aggravating," Van Berry, the director of the Hancock Park Golf Course, said. 

Four nights last week, wild hogs tore up numerous tee boxes and fairways at Hancock Park Golf Course.

"It's a lot of work. I've got a crew that works on the course. They work hard to keep it in shape and they take pride in what they do and seeing it in good shape...and we actually spent several hours repairing the damage," Berry added.  

If damage had been done on a green, it would have cost several thousand dollars to repair. 

"They keep heading north up the fairway, so I don't know..they tore up the tee boxes and then they're in the fairway. So, hopefully they're done," Berry said.  

But, just in case, the golf course has set up a hog trap. 
"This has been the most effective way that I have seen because you can get a large amount of them all at one time," Ray Milloway, a Lampasas County Game Warden, said. 
Hogs are currently a statewide problem, and they are able to be hunted with the proper license. 

"If you can start putting a strain on their population, they'll move onto other areas," Milloway added.  

The golf course, however, has since been repaired and is prepared to trap them should they come back.

"Y'all keep coming, nothing to worry about," Berry said. 

Game wardens discourage people from feeding any type of wildlife, including the deer that are nice to look at, because it will only attract more hogs to the area. 

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