BACK TO SCHOOL: West ISD's lunchroom workers provide 'homemade' lunches to students

Posted at 10:58 AM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 12:22:13-04

As part of News Channel 25's Back to School special, reporter Pattrik Simmons spent the morning with some of the lunchroom ladies at the West High/Middle School cafeteria. And at this cafeteria, it's all about cooking up the best for the community's best.

"We are here to serve the kids, and that's our main focus, to get the kids fed and always be there for them," West ISD food service supervisor Cathy Gerik said.

This all-ladies lunchroom team, a total of about seven, works hard every day since early in the morning to make food you'd think came right off of a plate at home.

"We do a lot of scratch cooking. We peel our potatoes. We make fresh mashed potatoes. We soak our beans. We made fresh beans," cafeteria manager Mary Urban said.

But that's not all they make from scratch. From ham and cheese sandwiches to pasta salads and even pepperoni pizza, there's something for every child.

"All homemade from scratch. And that's the best thing to do from scratch because the kids like it better, and we have control of everything that we put in it," Gerik said.

The feedback they get from the students makes it all worth it.

"They're all so nice. They'll come through and give you a hug and tell you thank you. We hear that all the time. 'Y'all have the best food,'" Urban said.

For more information about West ISD's child nutrition services program, click here.

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