Central Texas College introduces campus carry policy

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jul 06, 2017
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A Central Texas junior college is gearing up for the new campus carry law to go into effect next month. 

Central Texas College has been planning  Aug. 1 since the day the governor signed Senate Bill 11 into law back in 2015. 

"Aug. 1 of this year, state-run junior colleges have to allow those with a concealed carry license to carry a weapon on campus as long as that weapon is concealed," CTC Police Chief Mary Wheeler said.

The committee looked to university campus carry policies and listened to concerned faculty and staff to create their own policy.

"It's the right of the gun holder to carry a weapon on campus, but at the same time, we want to think about how can we make it comfortable for those faculty, staff and students that are not comfortable with a weapon as well," Roger Anderson, the Assistant Director of Risk Management for CTC, said.  

According to the law, guns are prohibited at locations used for sporting events, mental health care and childhood education including high school dual credit classrooms. 

"I think the policy itself or the change itself won't change the environment here at CTC because when we created a policy, we created a policy thinking of the faculty, staff and students," Anderson added.  

In addition to those set by the law, the CTC policy designated some gun-free zones.

"Those that have a sole occupancy office, they're the only person in the office, they can opt out of having their office accessible to those with the handgun license," Chief Wheeler added. 

The college offers presentations of the policy and will discuss it at new student orientation.

"I don't think anybody will notice. Aug. 1st is going to come and go. Just like any law that comes into effect, the only time you're going to notice it is if you violate it," Chief Wheeler said.  

The CTC campus carry policy is subject to change at any time. The chancellor of the college has the right to do so. 

Chief Wheeler estimates less than one percent of the approximately 6,000 students and 1,200 employees at CTC will carry on campus.

For more information on the policy, click here.

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