Tips to cut costs on electricity bills during summer months

Posted at 1:03 PM, Jun 21, 2017

As the temperature increases outside, so will your energy bill when you begin leaving the air conditioner on all day. But, there are ways to save some money on your energy bills if you practice good energy saving habits.

Everyone wants to stay cool in the hot climate, but sometimes the price we pay is just too high. That’s where websites like Energy Ogre come in, which is a company that provides electricity management services to save you money, on your monthly bills.

Energy Ogre starts by analyzing your usage over the past 12 months and then finding the best plans to fit your needs. This could save people a tremendous amount of money on their monthly bills within the first year.

In addition to using websites like this, there are other simple tips you can implement around the house to help potentially lower bills:

  • Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs or CFL bulbs. This is proven to give off less heat.          
  • Install a programmable thermostat to increase temperatures when you're away from home so the air doesn't run all day.           
  • Clean or change A-C filters monthly to ensure the air is flowing smoothly throughout your house.
  • Use window shades or a tinted film over large windows to block out sunlight.
  • Using fans can also help your thermostat maintain a comfortable temperature.

To learn more tips to help you save some money on your energy bills click here. 

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