Teaching kids about stranger danger

Posted at 7:34 AM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 08:34:13-04

It's hard for parents not to worry about the safety of their kids, but police say prior planning can give parents slight peace of mind.

Waco PD spokesperson Patrick Swanton says talking to your kids is the most important thing.

“You don’t want to terrify your kids, but you do want to make them aware of all realities of life. And this is one of the things we suggest to teach them. Go through scenarios,” Swanton said.

Having a plan is critical. Swanton suggests teaching kids about stranger danger, and the importance of saying to no adults they don’t know.

If a child finds themselves in danger, Swanton says they should try to get to a safe space like a police station, fire station, family or a trusted neighbor’s house.

If kids are aware of their surroundings, it could make all the difference.

Last summer, a child was home alone when two men tried to burglarize the home. Swanton says because the family had a plan place, the story had a happy ending.

“He hid, called 911,and we were able to get there and help that young man because he was sharp. His parents had taught him well and what to do, and he didn't have to go into that panic mode and not know what to do. So he helped us help him.” Swanton said.

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