Two incidents held the attention of Killeen police

Posted at 10:51 PM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-28 00:11:09-05

Police responded to Alpine lane in Killeen at 4:06 p.m. This was the first of two incidents they had to investigate within an hour. This one was a domestic disturbance.

"He was saying that he didn't do anything and that he wasn't trying to kill her he was just trying to get his stuff," said witness, Tienesha Bell.

Tienesha and her mother said they called 911 to report it.

Her mother did not want to go on camera, but Tienesha didn't mind telling News Channel 25 what she saw.

"Just out of nowhere we saw that lady running from the other side of the house and she got in a white car and she was yelling for help," Tienesha said.

Right before that happened the mother said she saw the woman jump from a second story window. Tienesha said she didn't see that, but she did see police question a man.

"They were asking him questions and he was showing them marks that he had on him and they handcuffed him and put him in the car," Tienesha said.

Just as police wrapped up that call another one came in for a second incident at 4:57 p.m. off of Loma Gaile Lane. This one was a stabbing.

"I heard all the sirens and the ambulance and so I came back out and it seemed to be a bigger situation," said witness, KC Carter.

The Carters say they watched as an ambulance took a 17-year-old victim to the hospital.

"To the family I hope you guys are with him and that he is doing good and recovering," KC said.

While police say the two incidents are not related they cannot confirm many more details yet.

The Carters just hope there aren't any more crimes in their neighborhood.

"We have kids and it's like are they really safe in this area," said witness, Ashely.

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