Exclusive: Video shows Temple police officer's use of excessive force

Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:09-05

Video exclusively obtained by News Channel 25 shows why one Temple police officer was recently suspended. 

A press release sent by the Temple Police Department identifies three officers who were suspended from the force. Two officers were suspended for violations related to investigations, but Temple Police suspended Corporal McNeil Fairey for violations related to use of Force. 

According to a police affidavit, the incident that led to Fairey's suspension happened on August 10, 2016. The report says officers tried to pull over Larry Wayne Parker, but the man led police on a chase. 

The video we obtained from a source shows Parker pulling over, getting out of the car with his hands up, and then lying on the ground. Parker is then surrounded by police, and his body jerks -- a jerk that Parker said happened because he was kicked in the head by a police officer. 

The release issued by Temple P.D. said that after an investigation by the department, it was determined that Corporal McNeill Fairey is the officer who Parker said kicked him. Fairey was then suspended for three days by the department. 

We met with Parker at the Bell County Jail. We were not able to take our cameras inside, but we were able to talk with the man who Temple Police officials said excessive force was used against. 

"They got a use of force policy, and he violated that use of force policy," Parker said. "If I can file charges, he will have charges filed against him."

Parker expressed disbelief upon hearing that Fairey's suspension was for three days. 

"Three days, with pay, for stomping a person in the face?," Parker asked in disbelief. "I mean, three days? So, he just gets swatted on the hand? My next step is to go talk to a lawyer," he added.

Parker's sister-in-law Jennifer Parker said she was disappointed in the suspension as well.

"These guys hold badges, they're supposed to serve and protect," she said. "We're supposed to be able to trust them with our lives no matter what we do or what anybody does."

In a statement sent to us by the department's chief Floyd Mitchell, the chief said he feels the suspension fit the Fairey's actions.

"The officer in question has dutifully served this community for a number of years, and I believe that the administration of suspension was appropriate," Mitchell said. "[It] will sufficiently prevent any future policy violations from this officer."

Fairey has now returned to his patrol duties. 

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