Fort Hood soldiers celebrate Thanksgiving miles away from their homes, families

Posted at 6:47 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 19:51:08-05

Hundreds of soldiers packed a handful of dining halls throughout Fort Hood Wednesday to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. 

It's a holiday lots of soldiers celebrate far away from their homes and families.

"[I'm] kinda used to it," Sgt. Christopher Carter, who's served in the U.S. Army for about 12 years, said.

But he's OK with it -- because he said he's got another kind of family.

"As long as I got my Army family with me, I feel pretty good. I work with these guys every day, so we got a good, tight bond, so it's like eating with my brothers and sisters," he said.

Pfc. Ulysses Bencosme is one of his Army family members. And even though Bencosme's family is back in Colombia, his Army family gets him through the holidays.

"I feel very happy to be actually with all my fellow friends and soldiers," Bencosme said.

And while he and Carter had the opportunity to share a Thanksgiving meal on post, Carter said it's important to remember the soldiers who can't.

"I can't forget about the soldiers down range. Hopefully, they're having a Thanksgiving and enjoying it with their extended family," Carter said.

"Just be thankful that you are here with the families and friends," Bencosme said. "There are other soldiers over there that are giving their lives over there."

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