Waco main breaks as city improves infrastructure

Posted at 11:39 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 11:08:09-04

Five water main breaks shut down two major roadways in Waco Saturday.

City officials say the breaks are just a part of normal wear and tear in the water infrastructure system.

City of Waco Information Director, Larry Holze, said the city has over a thousand miles of water line.

On average, the there are three to five main leaks and breaks a day. The leaks Saturday came as a result of increased pressure when the water tower at Owen Lane was taken offline. Eventually, the water tower will be demolished and this is all a part of the $295 million dollar improvement plan.

“Most citizens, all they care about is when you turn on the hydrant or flush the komod or whatever water flows and people don't understand what all has to go into making that happen and there's a lot of long term planning and development and budgeting obviously for that,” Holze said.

Some water lines are 50 or more years old. The lines constructed with a mixture of materials. In 2016, they are hoping to bring the lines up to date with the best materials available.

Waco is one of few cities that owns the water. As a result, they provide water to several municipalities, making the improvements, critical.

“We are the exclusive water provider for the entire region greater Waco area. A whole lot of the county is depending on the city of Waco water source. They are buying their water from us and we are needing to be able to deliver safe clean water and we want to assure our citizens that will always be number one safe,” Holze said.

The infrastructure improvement will come at a cost, though. Holze said rates will increase the start of 2017, an average of $3-5.

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