Bellmead woman killed in August to be remembered in domestic violence awareness event

Posted at 7:53 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:30:27-04

An annual march aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence and remembering the victims who died this year will take place on Saturday.

Natasha Dauzat who died last month after police said her husband killed her in their Bellmead home will be one of the victims honored during the Voice 4 All and All Women Marching for Hope “against domestic violence.” Organizers said her family has been invited to attend the event. 

 “We will mention her name and lift her family up in prayer,” March organizer Carolyn Thomas said.

Thomas, who is a survivor of domestic violence, lost her mother, Janice Reeves, and suffered wounds that required multiple surgeries after a domestic violence situation in 2003.

"He rambled into my room, found the gun. He shot my mother first in the abdomen area and then took me into the living room and shot me in the face at point blank range,” Thomas said.

Terrence Kelly, who was Thomas’ ex-boyfriend at the time, is serving two life sentences for Reeves’ murder and Thomas’ attempted murder.

Thomas said losing her mother and the wounds she suffered will be a constant reminder of what happened.

"I'm reminded of it every time that I brush my teeth. Every time I'm in the mirror, I notice that my face is disfigured. Of course I lost 80 percent of my face,” Thomas said.

According to the Family Abuse Center that serves eight counties, three to five women are killed in McLennan county every year by their boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, husband or ex-husband.

The Voice 4 all march, which will start at the Trentwood Apartments located at the 1700 Dallas Circle, will take place on Saturday Oct. 1 at 10 a.m. The fifth annual event will end at the Doris Miller Memorial Park in the 4800 block of Bellmead Drive.

“The point of that is to show that domestic violence starts in the home and you can end in the ground like my mother,” Thomas said.

Thomas who dated Kelly for eight years said he was verbally and physically abusive throughout their relationship.

"I looked at it like it was my fault, maybe it was something I did to make him angry. Maybe I could change him,” Thomas said.

She said after going to classes and learning more about domestic violence she realized she could not change anyone but herself. 

For the domestic violence survivor, prayer has helped in her road to recovery.

"I see that I'm very courageous, I see that I'm very strong and I see that I still have my faith,” Thomas said.

She has shared her story of survival in national TV shows and is working on a reality TV show with three other survivors called “Our Journey Alive.” She said by sharing her story, she plans to encourage victims to find a safe place to be instead of staying with their abuser.

The Bellmead Police Department that assisted with traffic in past years, plans to have officers participating in the march this year. City officials will also be present at the event, which police and organizers expect to have a large turnout.

Bellmead Police Chief Lydia Alvarado who will be in attendance said they planned to participate in the march before the Bellmead murder occurred in August. The members of the police department are expected to be there when Dauzat is remembered. 

Other organizations, such as the Family Abuse Center, plan to have an event remembering the victims in the month of October, which is domestic violence awareness month.

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