Baylor's Zamora suspended for 3 games after dog-cruelty video

Posted at 4:20 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 18:20:30-04

Baylor University said football player Ishmael Zamora will have to perform 40 hours of community service in a manner that will teach him kindness towards animals, must undergo counseling and must relinquish the dog to an animal-friendly home as punishment for the video of him beating a dog.

He will also be suspended from three games. Baylor added that he can continue to practice even though he is not playing.

Monday, Jim Grobe said if the University had not made a decision on the abuse, he would not be playing on Friday.

“Ishmael’s behavior toward his dog is disheartening, and is not condoned,” Baylor Vice President and Director of Athletics Mack Rhoades said. “We believe with proper counseling and training Ishmael can learn from this and I expect that of him. I’ve conveyed to him my expectation that his actions and his service will illustrate his commitment to change.” 

Baylor's punishment comes in addition to the fine from the City of Waco. Zamora received a class C misdemeanor for the abuse.

“Our football program does not condone this behavior by anyone. We are deeply saddened by it and have worked together with the University to hold Ishmael accountable for his actions,” said Baylor Acting Head Football Coach Jim Grobe.

“I am sorry that I took out my frustration on my dog and accept the punishment that comes with it.  This incident will never, ever, happen again,” Zamora said. “I truly love my dog, however, I know that my actions showed differently and I know that I made a big mistake.

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