Biker Gang Shooting UPDATE: Law enforcement on high state of alert

Posted at 9:01 PM, May 21, 2015
and last updated 2018-09-12 12:38:33-04

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara says that local law enforcement is still on a high state of alert concerning biker gangs after Sunday's shooting outside Twin Peaks.

McNamara told News Channel 25 Friday evening that every threat is being taken seriously out of caution, and that bomb squads and SWAT teams are ready as his office works with other local law enforcement agencies to keep citizens safe.

He says they'll also be monitoring the peaceful protests of bikers from Houston and Austin Saturday. They'll be in front of the McLennan County Courthouse from noon until 2 p.m., claiming police acted too hastily arresting 170 bikers at Twin Peaks. They believe some of those now in jail were arrested unfairly and are not criminals. It is not believed the protestors will be wearing colors or gang symbols.

CNN reported Thursday evening what may be new threats against officers from biker gangs in the wake of Sunday's shooting outside Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.

The Bandidos want to retaliate against police for shooting "their brothers" as they came out of the restaurant, according to a bulletin that CNN obtained, which CNN says was issued Thursday by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Members of the biker gang who are in the military are supposedly "supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives." However, the bulletin is based on unsubstantiated information from an informant who claimed to have obtained it from Bandidos and Black Widows motorcycle gang members.

The document claimed the gang has ordered a hit against Texas troopers and other officers. It suggested running over officers at traffic stops, the use of grenades or Molotov cocktails, and plots to car bomb high-ranking law enforcement officials and their families.

The McLennan County Jail was mentioned as a possible target for attack, along with Austin, El Paso, Dallas, Corpus Christi and Houston.

Local law enforcement agencies could not confirm the validity or existence of the bulletin, but one said it may have been a few days old.

A source said an organized attack on law enforcement would be unlikely, but it would be difficult to control or predict a threat or violent act by a rogue or "lone wolf" attacker. Still, authorities remain on high alert and investigate every threat out of an abundance of caution.