Waco High football summer workouts return

Waco High Football
Posted at 7:48 PM, Jun 13, 2023

Football is officially back at Waco High as the Lions opened back up with summer workouts

"It's good to be around your kids," Head Coach Linden Heldt said. "It's good to put in the work that's needed to prepare for the season. It builds a lot of camaraderie. There's a lot of adversity, kids have to push through a lot of difficult things. So we learned a lot about our kids and we're able to hopefully grow a significant amount during this time this year," Heldt said.

New season means new players, and the remaining Seniors look to step up as leaders for the incoming Freshman

"I feel like we will be great," Senior Lazavier Amos said. "We'll have a successful year. We're coming back, all younger kids coming back. So last year was a learning process. This year should be a statement year," Amos said.

"There's a growth aspect to that transition," Heldt said. "As kids come up to the High School, we really want to be able to show them the standards that we have and what we're trying to meet specifically from effort, accountability, leadership. Here's what this looks like and how that modeled by our older kids," he said.

A big part of football is improving yourself, and the Lions know that as they take what happened last season and use it to get better this year.

"Last season. We talked to fight through adversity and just stay together as a team, we just been on it," Senior Tyrone Sumpter said.

"We want our kids to be the best versions of themselves," Heldt said. "We have our core values and our core principles and we believe if we hold to those things that we'll be able to grow to the team that we need to be this upcoming year," he said.

It's a learning process for everyone, but the Lions will sure be ready to hit the field.