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Scott Drew's viral tweet results in restaurant getting hundreds of calls

Scott Drew
Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 10, 2024

WACO, Texas — There have been several reports regarding the Scott Drew situation as he is the leading candidate for the Kentucky basketball head coach position.

If you been on social media, you'll see people have been tracking flights between Waco and Lexington. Scott drew himself seemed to confirm his location in a little tongue in cheek post by showing off that he was at a local restaurant, Mi Casita.

That tweet has nearly three million impressions and it resulted in Kentucky and Baylor fans flooding the restaurant's phone lines.

"I'll actually look into like all the reviews that we get. If we get one or two reviews, I'll look at it and try to reply to all of them. I got 40 plus reviews or comments within 10 minutes. So I thought, you know, something had happened. I called to ask and that's whenever the person that was here in the morning talked to me about it," manager of Mi Casita, Oscar Salazar said.

All the fans that called in also saw employees of Mi Casita getting requests from the callers.

"The wildest one was saying that like, how long is he gonna be here? Did he order a dish that was gonna be, you know, that was gonna delay him a little so they can make it here and talk to him in person? And we were like, I don't know, we're really fast here. So, we don't know what to answer," Salazar said.

Scott Drew has been the head coach of the Baylor men's basketball program since 2003. He brought the Bears their first national championship, so there's a reason why he is sought after.