Roger Clemens visits Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Posted at 9:54 PM, May 19, 2023

Legendary pitcher Roger Clemens was a special guest at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Lone Star Luncheon.

Clemens sat down to share some memorable stories throughout his career. It was a packed house as fans also got to ask questions and take pictures with him.

When the event concluded, Clemens was gifted a Texas Sports Hall of Fame ring, as he was inducted back in 1998.

"Yeah, that was a big surprise getting a, Texas Hall of Fame ring," Clemens said. "I was very surprised and, what a cool little treat and just a wonderful day. I mean, they do a great job here.These are just good people. I mean, they do a lot of good work here. I've seen some new things that obviously that I haven't seen since being here and, I told them I have my Texas baseball Letterman jacket and I think this needs to be the home for it," he said.

Roger Clemens was drafted in 1983 by the Boston Red Sox. He would go one to win the Cy Young award seven times.