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Road to Red Zone: Bosqueville Bulldogs

Bosqueville Bulldogs
Posted at 9:03 PM, Aug 17, 2023

WACO, Texas — The football season is around the corner and the Bosqueville Bulldogs have been getting ready with their practices.

"I'm feeling good. I thought we've had a good two weeks of preparation so far, scrimmage last week, and got some good things on film to learn from. We had a really good practice I thought so things are going well," head coach Clint Zander said.

"We have a lot of young people on our team, but I feel like we've improved a lot since last year. I didn't play last year, but felt like we did improve a lot," linebacker Joe Gonzales said.

Looking at last season, the Bulldogs finished 3-7 overall and were 2-5 in their district games. A tough season, but there were a lot of takeaways.

"It was kind of up and down," Zander said. "We had some kids that didn't play and then lost one of our better players in week three. We had to shuffle people and things just didn't turn out the way we wanted them. We just got to come get over that hump and get those things fixed for this year."

"I feel like we should do way better than last year," Gonzales said. "We've grown as a team and we've gotten better as a team. "I feel like it should be better this year. Way better."

Now to this season, goals have been made and we got to see the Bulldogs in action as they recently held their first scrimmage.

"I thought our defense looked, well, we missed some tackles, but that's going to happen early," Zander said. "We lined up correctly and offensively, we got some good running plays when we did our assignments. So, we had to clean up some assignments and fix some things there. But I was pleased."

The Bosqueville Bulldogs will begin their season at home against the Chilton Pirates on Aug. 25 at 7:30 p.m..