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'The goal is get to Austin': Lake Belton softball sets target for 2024 season

Posted at 8:04 PM, Feb 21, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-21 21:04:39-05

TEMPLE, Texas — Softball is back at Lake Belton and the Broncos start off with a 5-3 record.

"We have a really tough schedule right now and we did that for a reason. We want to face adversity, we want to get better. So that in the long run it will benefit us. I think so far, we're seeing things that we need to see," Broncos head softball coach Kelsie McEachern said.

"I think we're doing very well. There's been a lot of learning moments that we just grow and grow from and it's only up from here. So all we can do is get better," senior pitcher Shelby Schultz said.

This is coach Mac's first season with the team and although it is still a learning process, the team has grown around her.

"They know how to work hard. They have fun though at the same time. I'm still learning them obviously and they're still learning me. So it's fun each day. You know, I don't know what kid's going to do something and same thing with me. So I love it. I love them," McEachern said.

"It's refreshing in a way because it's like a whole new perspective and I'm learning a lot. Love my old coaches and what they taught me as well, but we're just learning so much," senior outfielder Haley Hoffman said.

District play is on the way for Lake Belton and the goal clear for this team.

"The goal is to get to Austin," Schultz said. "That's always been our goal. We came short our first two years and we've been, we've done nothing but grind and grind and that is our ultimate goal that we will not stop until we get there," she said.

"This goal has started since freshman year honestly...In the first week of school, it's always set out goals and it's always get to Austin. We've worked hard in the off season to get to Austin. It's always been get to Austin," Hoffman said.

The end goal has been set for the Broncos as now they look to fulfill it for the 2024 season.