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Oglesby honored by Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Posted at 1:57 PM, May 20, 2024

OGLESBY, Texas (KXXV) — The Texas Sports hall of fame honored the Oglesby Tigers football team with the Gordon Wood award for its historic 2023 football season.

"These kids deserve everything they get, man. They work their tails off. They grind like they deserve every award they can possibly get," head coach Jeb Dixon said.

"That shows how much we are together and everything that we do is working. We spend a lot of time together so our chemistry is good and all that shows that we are doing the right thing," junior Kyler Fossett said.

The award is not just for their efforts on the field, but speaks about the support of the community and the city of Oglesby.

"The community here really got behind them and they really thrive off the kids and the kids thrive off the community. So it's kind of a win-win," Dixon said.

"These stands behind me right here. They have not been not filled at one of our games for the last four years. Like there's just so many people here and the community is bonding together over our athletic program now and it just means a lot to us because we have all the support behind us," junior center Hunter Ewing said.

The Tigers are coming off their first trip to the state championship, and with the team getting this kind of recognition, they hope it brings more eyes to the city.

"I hope they see that just because we a small school, it's the same as any big school. We can do the same thing. Don't diss us just because we're a small school," Fossett said.

"When you start seeing your kids get to state and get to, you know, like state football to state track or whatever it may be. It's a reflection of everything that Oglesby is," Dixon said.

A historic award for a historic season and the Tigers look to build off of last season into the upcoming Red Zone season.