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La Vega celebrates back-to-back titles with parade

Posted at 2:57 PM, Apr 16, 2024

BELLMEAD, Texas — It was celebration time for La Vega as the Lady Pirates held a parade to celebrate their back to back championship victories.

"It feels good. It feels like another day, you know, because, we've done it already so to come back and do it again," said senior player, KP Parr.

"It feels good to have all of the community out here still supporting us."

Parr was crowned tournament MVP in La Vega's win.

"It's definitely exciting — we was here last year," MiMi Willis said.

"We're back again just to have the community come out and support us — I love it."

The Lady Pirates not only get to celebrate with their teammates, but they get to share this accomplishment with their community.

"I love it — I love it. If it's not for the community, I don't feel like we're not here," said head coach, Marcus Willis Sr.

"I think we're trying to change the city of Bellmead to the city of champions — we appreciate the support and we're thankful for everybody to be out here tonight."

"They've been supporting us for a very long time and we didn't have a lot of people on our backs, but the community just so happens to be some of the people that were on our backs," Parr said.

For the seniors, it's the last time they get to celebrate before moving on to the next chapter and being with their teammates brings memories.

"I want them to remember us as more than being just basketball players. We're all beautiful black women, you know, well educated like I really just, we're more than basketball players," Parr said.

"It's all the little things to the locker room, to practices, to the games, everything," MiMi Willis said.

La Vega celebrates but not for long as the team has already stated that they are working towards getting to three in a row.