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Hubbard names Ryan Faulknor as new head football coach, Athletic Director

Posted at 2:33 PM, Jan 25, 2024

HUBBARD, Texas — Hubbard high school announced that Ryan Faulknor will be the new head coach and athletic director for the Jaguars.

"Honestly, I haven't stopped smiling since Monday. I've had a smile on my face since the board approved me. It has been just constant smiles, high fives from everybody, big hugs, just excitement, just pure excitement since Monday," Faulknor said.

Faulknor has been with Hubbard for the last year and a half as the defensive coordinator and now will lead the way for his alma mater.

"Growing up here playing pee wee football, seeing the guys that I idolized throughout when I was younger playing... now I'm the guy who gets to lead these high school football players and it's just an excitement," he said.

"You know, the goal is get it turned around and let's get going. We gotta lay a good foundation and I think once we lay a good foundation, all sports are going to benefit from it, not just football. I think everything's gonna get rock and rolling," he said.

Hubbard finished 0-10 this past season and coach Faulknor wants change.

"We're gonna get back to what we were doing. We're gonna get back to the old Hubbard where hard work pays off. You know, we're gonna put a product on the field or on the court every night that get people excited. We're gonna get the stands filled back up again. We're gonna have products in every sport that people are proud of and be a part of again," Faulknor said.

Hubbard made the announcement originally on their social media pages.