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Baylor's game against Dallas Baptist canceled; Prep for road series vs. BYU

Posted at 5:42 PM, Apr 09, 2024

WACO, Texas — Baylor's short week is going through some changes as their game against Dallas Baptist was canceled due to the weather.

"Baseball is just, you know, different — football, you get a week and you're ready to go," said head coach, Mitch Thompson.

"Baseball just keeps going and that's the thing, it just keeps going — whether you win or you lose, it just keeps going, and you've got to get back out there as fast as possible."

"Obviously, it's a kind of a letdown when you don't get to play, but we're going to get our work in here today and try to manifest some energy to go into the weekend," said junior player, Hunter Teplanzsky.

The Bears are currently 13-18 for the season, and while they're above 500 at home, the road is where they find they struggle the most.

"Yeah, of course you want to go win on the road — it's going to make a big statement, but taking it one pitch at a time and trusting our game," said senior player, Kobe Andrade.

"That's pretty what the mindset is for the team right now."

"I think every team in the league is fighting to do that — the road's not easy in this league and when you do then it's a big feather in your cap," Thompson said.

"We're going to go and try and play three really good baseball games and see how many we can come home with."

Baylor vs. BYU is set for Thursday — first pitch is at 7 p.m.