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Rooney Mara expecting second child with Joaquin Phoenix

Rooney Mara expecting second child with Joaquin Phoenix
Posted at 9:05 AM, Feb 20, 2024

Actor Rooney Mara recently revealed she’s pregnant with her second child.

At the premiere of her new film, “La Cocina,” at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany on Feb. 16, Mara cupped her hands below her stomach, showing a baby bump below her voluminous black ballgown.

This is Mara’s second child. She and her fiance, Joaquin Phoenix, had son River in 2020. River is named after Phoenix’s late brother, who died in 1993. Phoenix has spoken about the profound impact his brother, an actor and musician, had on his life.

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Neither Mara, 38, nor Phoenix, 49, have officially commented on Mara’s new pregnancy. In fact, both actors have been fairly private about their relationship and family. The first time the pair went on the record about River was in an op-ed for People in November 2020 about migrant families.

“As new parents, it’s unbearable to imagine what it would feel like to have our child taken away from us for a day, let alone years,” Mara and Phoenix wrote about immigrant children being separated from their parents.

In a May 2021 Mother’s Day note for Farm Sanctuary shared with People, Mara also talked about how being a parent had changed her for the better.

Rooney Mara at 2023 SAG awards
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“Raising our baby, River, has opened my heart to a whole new life filled with hope and more determination than ever to create a kinder and more sustainable world,” she said. “I feel so fortunate to be able to nurture my son in all of the ways that nature intended, and I wish all mothers in the animal kingdom could experience that sacred maternal bond with their young, devoid of exploitation by humans.”

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While promoting her film “Women Talking” in January 2023, Mara told USA Today that working as an actor after having a child has made her want to work more family-friendly hours, rather than putting in long days on set. She also was able to channel some of her new mother energy into her role in “Women Talking.”

“I was in this very blissful, madly-in-love-with-my-child, much more hopeful and positive space,” she said. “It was very easy to channel all of that love and empathy (into the character). It also does change everything, having a child. It was that much more painful to think about some of these situations and be able to relate to them in a different way.”

Mara met Joaquin Phoenix while they were both acting in the movie “Her” in 2012. They didn’t become a couple until several years later while filming “Mary Magdalene.” They became engaged in 2019.

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