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Central Texans navigate pandemic rental assistance

Posted at 10:21 PM, May 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 23:21:08-04

Earlier this week, Texas gave the greenlight for landlords to once again start eviction proceedings.

It's about the last thing young moms like Brittney McClure wanted to hear, even if things are slowly getting better.

“It’s been getting a little easier. I have reached out to the Salvation Army,” said McClure.

25 News first introduced McClure a few weeks ago, when thousands of Central Texans laid off or furloughed because of COVID-19 were trying to figure out how to pay May rent.

She is fortunate. Her landlord has been understanding, allowing the family to pay off their $950 over the course of the month.

McClure and her friends have been trying to find help through the state's Help for Texans site, which directs folks to short-term rental assistance resources in different parts of the state.

She has inquired about getting help from the Salvation Army of Waco, as well as other local agencies eligible to dish out some $11.3 million in rental aid announced by Gov. Greg Abbott a month ago.

The process takes time and a lot of documentation.

“Need your I.D., social security card, naturally places want copies of those for your file. Bills like electric and rent,” said McClure.

She says that because she isn't facing an immediate eviction notice, she may have to wait to get help through the Salvation Army.

Major April Taylor says they're expecting their Waco office to get an onslaught of requests shortly.

“These are going to be an influx. We really do expect a lot of busy, busy time these next few weeks," said Major Taylor.

She says the Salvation Army already provides rental help in some situations, but the additional money made available could be critical for families that were already struggling to fully pay.

“Maybe they didn’t get their February rent [money], or March rent, or April rent. There’s a lot of things that are building up very quickly,” said Major Taylor.