Callie's Boutique and other Central Texas small businesses are starting to receive PPP loans

Posted at 10:47 AM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 11:47:30-04

TEMPLE, TX — A week ago, we talked with a Central Texas small business owner who was struggling to get approved for the Payment Protection Program loan due to the funds being depleted.

In that short amount of time, things have changed at Callie's Boutique.

It's been a long two months for Misty Dollar.

Seven hard weeks of waiting in limbo.

Dollar was one of the many small business owners looking towards the government for help.

Despite being approved to receive the PPP loan, the waiting game continued.

That is until the last 24 hours.

"Well to my surprise, this week I got an email yesterday saying we have your money available and we have closing papers for you," said Misty Dollar.

For the first time in weeks, Dollar was able to open the doors to Callie's Boutique in Temple.

"Within 24 hours, I had the money deposited into my bank account," said Misty Dollar.

That also meant getting her employees back to work.

We are very glad to be back and see people and see people are starting to buy clothes again," said Belinda Pulte.

While the grant has helped pay rent and put some life back in the shop, the money won't last forever.

"It was enough that I can ensure my employees that I can pay them for the next two months while I try to make up for the time lost in sales and stuff like that," said Misty Dollar.

The boutique has also have invested in a program which allows a contactless form of payment through a card machine.

We will continue to follow Misty Dollar's journey as Callie's Boutique, and Texas small businesses looking to rebound after COVID-19.