Temple boutique looks towards second round of PPP loans

Posted at 5:55 PM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 18:56:31-04

TEMPLE, TX — On Friday, Congress approved an additional $484 billion coronavirus relief package.

It includes an additional $310 billion in additional funding for the Payment Protection Program.

Those are valuable dollars which came up for grabs on Monday morning.

“It’s not enough money to sustain for months and months and months, but it will help me get my employees back and fully staff the store and some overhead cost there that have been building up since we were shut down,” said Misty Dollar.

Misty Dollar, owner of Callie’s Boutique in Temple applied for the PPP when it first came out, but was unable to get help when it quickly ran out of money earlier this month.

“I heard back from them in probably 24 to 48 hours that everything was complete and looked good, but they were out of money. So as soon as there was more money then I should be eligible for the loan,” said Misty Dollar.

Dollar is now waiting for the approval, which means even further delays in getting money to help pay rent and pay employees.

“I don't have 500 employees, but I do have several employees who count on that money every month and not being able to have employees in here right now is frustrating,” said Misty Dollar.

While it looks like the U.S. is slowly starting to make a turn in the right direction, the effects of the Coronavirus will be felt for small businesses for years to come.

25 News will continue to follow Misty Dollar’s journey as the United States looks to rebound.

If you need to apply for the PPP loan you should contact your local bank or apply at