Harker Heights business development rebounding, new restaurant to open soon

Posted at 6:43 PM, Mar 10, 2022

Business and developments are rebounding as COVID-19 restrictions and cases continue to roll back. The City of Harker Heights is no exception.

"We have one that is coming out of the ground now that will have an indoor putt-putt, axe throwing, and things of that nature. But also, we have other medical facilities that are currently being built and those that are utilizing buildings and renovating them. We also have some that are going to be coming out of the ground," Mitchell said.

Just off I-14, nestled between Seaton Medical Center and Sam's, lies about 3 acres of land that will soon be home to two new businesses in Harker Heights. David Mitchell, the Harker Heights City Manager said things are rebounding after the year that was 2020.

"We're really booming particularly from a commercial standpoint," said Mitchell.

Mitchell said the number of restaurants in Harker Heights had been one of the area's strongest sources of growth, which slowed due to COVID-19. However, things are picking back up with Chuy's soon to be breaking ground within the next few months.

Michael Hatcher, the Vice President of Real Estate and Development for Chuy's explained Harker Heights has been on their radar for a while.

"We’ve been looking at Harker Heights for a while and found the perfect spot so we’ll be getting underway here fairly soon hopefully by the end of the year. We love to go into areas that are growing so this makes perfect sense. Central Texas is our home, so anywhere that we can identify a great spot in Central Texas that’s where we’re going to be," said Hatcher.

The Tex-Mex restaurant will be right next to the area's newest rehabilitation hospital. Mitchell says aside from restaurants and medical facilities, entertainment spots are also popping up in the city.

But what is it about Harker Heights?

Well, Mitchell said, "We’ve got the location and in real estate, it's location, location, location. Harker Heights has that we’re located in Bell County right in the middle of everything. For the next several years Will be extremely strong in both commercial and residential development in the city of Parker Heights we really have a good story to tell regarding growth."