Rebounding at the grocery store: How to shop for nutritious food on a budget

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Posted at 12:41 PM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 13:41:19-04

WOODWAY, TX — Experts explain, making nutritious meals while on a budget is easier than most think.

“There are just so many ways that you can eat healthy on a budget, most people feel like it’s very expensive or too hard to eat healthy on a budget, but that usually comes about when you’re trying to buy 'healthy foods' that are packaged, and processed, instead reach for your simple ingredients” explains Registered Dietitian, Angela Marks.

With many on tight budgets due to the pandemic, Marks gave 25 News a few tips to stretch each dollar at the grocery store, while filling the cart with nutritious options.

“Write out a list, and try to stick to it, otherwise it’s very hard to avoid grabbing the Oreos or the Doritos, I know for me those are my go-to’s if I’m going to the store without a plan,” said Marks.

Go shopping with a full stomach, buy ingredients for planned meals for the week, buy in bulk, and cook in larger batches.

“Batch cooking is a great way to expand or extend the food that you have, and you can always freeze it,” said Marks, also explaining batching cooking often cuts down on food waste.

Experts also saying, buying frozen meats, or canned fruits and veggies is also a great money saver, while also offering nutrients just like fresh produce.

The bottom line, health conscientious food can be had on any budget, it’s simply preplanning and strategy that will get it done.