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We're Open: How one Waco Personal Trainer hit back amid the pandemic

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Posted at 6:26 AM, Apr 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 07:26:15-04

WACO, TX — The business of taking care of yourself never closes and that's why Personal Trainer Jenny Hering didn't skip a beat through the pandemic.

"Every workout is an hour. 60 minutes of amazing," said Hering.

"I always say exercise is spirit, mind, body. It's such a mental thing. It's your "you" time. You feel better. Even though in the midst of it, you're like oh gosh this burns. You're a totally different person after the hour is over," said Hering.

Jenny began her fitness journey more than 20 years ago at the Waco Family Y and then seven years ago she made the jump to Camp Gladiator.

"I jumped in headfirst. Just pushing people to doing stuff they didn't think they could do. Seeing someone do a push-up for the first time or running their first lap instead of walking it. That's my favorite thing about what we do," she said.

You'll see pets and pint-sized people at the workouts too.

"I found Jenny three years ago and we clicked," said one mom.

"She made me come out with kids and she takes care of my kids when I can't. It's been a good match."

When the pandemic hit, Jenny hit back.

"We turned it the very next day into a virtual platform. We provided something that was their norm. I was still coming to them live every day at the exact same time to give them normalcy that we lost during lockdown," said Hering.

"I always tell them that my goal every time you walk out of a workout is I gave you those 60 minutes of amazing and that hour was worth your time. It made you happy and strong and I did my job and you're feeling better about yourself," said Hering.

To learn more about Jenny Hering, check out her Facebook page.