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The Gathering Board is a new business ready to share the love of charcuterie

Posted at 12:42 PM, Aug 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 19:33:10-04

WACO, TX — The Gathering Board is a new business that opened in Waco for those meat, fruit, cheese lovers and more.

Jessyka Galow has been building charcuterie boards for years, it was always a fun thing she would do for parties big and small. When her friends started to ask her to make boards for their parties she knew she had a great business idea.

"Every single one is a different piece of art so you just strategically place things, I'm picking things up and moving things," Galow said.

Starting in March, things got off to a rough start and she didn't make it too far in the beginning.

"It was kinda slow word of mouth and then COVID hit and I stopped making boards," Galow said

Starting back up when restrictions were slowly lifted she's been busier than she expected.

Customer Amy McCauley and her husband were celebrating their wedding anniversary but didn't want to go out this year.

"We really didn't feel like going out so we just wanted to have something nice that we don't always get to do and have it at home," McCauley said.

Choosing a charcuterie board, they couldn't go wrong and it was hard for McCauley to pick her favorite thing.

"The fruits are my favorite the really delicious Marcona almonds, the cheese, figs I mean there's something for everyone," McCauley said.

These boards are completely customizable so if you don't like a whole lot of cheese you can add more meats or fruit. Galow is even expanding some of her ideas and you can also get a s'mores board.

Visit The Gathering Board's website to order a board for two or more, you can also visit their Facebook page for upcoming offers and new treats.