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Downtown Waco hot spot offers craft coffee and cocktails

Posted at 9:49 AM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 10:49:58-05

WACO, TX — Whether you're looking for a cup-a-Joe this morning or a cocktail this weekend, there's a business in downtown Waco where you can find both.

The definition of Dichotomy is a contrast between two things that are entirely different.

For this hot spot for craft coffee and craft cocktails, the name just sticks.

"The joining of the two businesses," co-owner Alina Mikos says it all started when her future business partner brewed up an idea. "He was like 'hey, do you want to use our business degrees and do something where we kind of make our own mark of sorts?"

So, they opened up shop in Waco in 2012.

What makes them unique? Manager Michael Suttle says they're very intentional in everything they do, measuring and weighing out each shot.

"So, I love coffee and coffee can be a beautiful thing and when I hear someone says this tastes amazing, that makes everything that I do worth it," Suttle said.

Education is key.

Baristas spend up to a month studying and perfecting their drinks and a few months for the mixologists.

"We want everything to taste as good as it can be," Suttle said.

Things like a seasonal Snickerdoodle Latte and the year-round house-made vanilla syrup, by far their most popular menu item, are what keep customers coming back for more.

"It's like Cheers. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, you know? It's a good thing," Suttle said.

Mikos says while the pandemic has slowed them down, "this past year's been rough, " and the ice storm may have shut them down for a few days, they're just grateful to be open and are working hard to keep everyone safe.

"If you have the finger on the pulse of where your community is at, what it needs, what procedures need to be put into place and you know, just day by day. You take it day by day and you do your best," Mikos said.

Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits is located at 508 Austin Ave in downtown Waco and can be found on Facebook.