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Traveling Texas: Immersive Van Gogh, Monet experiences

Lighthouse Artspace Dallas
Posted at 7:49 PM, Sep 06, 2022
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DALLAS, Texas — There is a movement catching on across the country of digital immersive art experiences.

It’s a whole new, interactive way to experience the work of famous artists. We visit Lighthouse Artspace in the East Quarter of Dallas to learn more.

In the 1920s this area called the East Quarter was an automotive and industrial hub. Today, developers are re-envisioning it as a creative epicenter in the heart of downtown Dallas.

A central piece is the old masonic temple now known as the blockhouse. It’s the current home of Lighthouse Immersive Dallas.

Dana Volkmar, operations manager for Lighthouse Artspace, tells us it’s been open a little over a year and they’ve sold more than 200,000 tickets.

“It's what's next on the horizon for art and entertainment. I love that it combines both worlds. They kind of merge together," said Volkmar. "So, people that typically wouldn't go to an art museum and have an experience with a painting are very apt to come here and have this very unique experience.”

Built in 1941, this historic 41 thousand-square foot building was a Masonic temple for about 80 years. It has three different viewing rooms or galleries you can wander between and take in the images and music in a variety of settings.

“It being a historical building, we've maintained the beauty and the craftsmanship and we haven't changed anything except the inside, the interior where our theater is and our galleries are," said Volkmar.

Volkmar said that she doesn't have a favorite exhibit.

"Van Gogh is really classic. Like, everybody relates us to Van Gogh and so I love that one. But I can say something great about all of them," Volkmar said. "These people are icons and amazing works of art like our Monet show, for example, has over 500 masterpieces incorporated into the show.”

From the first room, which is a more intimate way to take in the video images, you can walk into a much larger space which even has a balcony where you can view the experience from a second floor.

But the third space is a real treat. It features mirrored columns you can wander through like a maze that reflects the videos.

“I love to watch our guests come in here and kind of weave in and out of the mirrors because it's so incredible to see their reaction to the work being reflected and seeing themselves in the work," said Volkmar.

The 35-minute-long show is on a loop and you can stay as long as you like.

“We invite you to stay for a couple of loops, so don't feel like when the show is over, you’ve got to rush out of here. It's definitely something you want to sit in, let it kind of soak into you," said Volkmar. "It's amazing to be in just completely submerged in the art, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.”

Dallas couple Terri and Chester Plauché are first-time visitors.

“We loved it, that was great, really great, and would highly encourage other people to come. It was wonderful," Terri said.

And don’t miss the gift shop with all manner of artist-inspired items. Lighthouse Artspace also teams with a non-profit that works with the homeless.

“We definitely think being connected to our community and giving back is a huge part of what makes the world go round. And we're a part of that," said Volkmar. "So, we're very, very grateful to be a part of that.”

Pablo Picasso famously said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” If you’re ready for a fresh, new way of experiencing art—check out Lighthouse Immersive Dallas.

The Van Gogh and Monet exhibits will be available until September 11. The next Lighthouse Artspace exhibit is King Tut which starts on September 23.

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