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Traveling Texas: Exploring one of the best-preserved caves in Texas

Posted at 3:09 PM, Aug 03, 2021

GEORGETOWN, TX — If you’re looking for a family adventure, how about a tour of one of the state’s caverns?

25 New's Ann Harder travels down I-35 to Georgetown and into the prehistoric world of Inner Space Cavern.

Also known as Laubach Cave, Inner Space was discovered in 1963 by the Texas Highway Department.

They were beginning to build the overpass on I-35 and their drilling crew drilled down and sure enough, found a huge cavern.

In 1966, Innerspace Caverns opened, and some 300,000 people a year enjoy it.

The cave was formed some 20-25 million years ago thanks to water passing through the Edwards Limestone, creating strange and beautiful formations.

“It was opened to the surface for thousands and thousands of years, we do have five sinkholes down here and those were all open that’s how we have some of our prehistoric animals that made their way down here,” said Lainey Hickle, a tour guide.

The cave first opened to the surface during the ice age and animals like mammoths and sabertooth tigers fell in. Their fossils are now on display.

On the adventure tour here at Innerspace, you’ll take an easy half-mile hike deep into the cave.

You’ll go through beautiful rooms such as the lake of the moon room named after the crescent-shaped pool.

It's lovely inside, about 72 degrees year-round, with humidity it might feel like 80 but otherwise, it's quite comfortable.

But for the more adventurous, you can take the hidden passages tour.

Guides provide you with a flashlight in order to explore delicate formations on a rugged, intimate tour of the cave.

A guide will lead you through this newly opened section of the cave on an underdeveloped trail, or for the more seasoned spelunkers, the wild cave tour takes you deep underground into the complex maze of passages and chambers.

But if you’re wanting some above-ground excitement there's also the saber tooth zip ride.

This tandem ride takes you on a breathtaking ride 130 feet into the air at speeds of 33 miles an hour.

There’s no shortage of fun at Innerspace Caverns – part of the texas cave trail of 5 caves and caverns – making for some big adventure for all ages.