Tiny house, big problems in Waco

Posted at 5:13 PM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 14:34:07-04

WACO, Texas — Check this out.

Drivers in Waco came close to what looked like a risky "home delivery" Wednesday afternoon... at Sanger Avenue and Hwy 6.

Workers were transporting what looked like a tiny home... but it appeared it didn't quite make it under an overpass.

An eyewitness thought they saw a worker removing the tiny home's roof — then it was clear to keep on rolling.

A spokesperson with the transportation company reached out to 25 News and said in a statement that although it may have looked like a close call to the untrained eye – it was nothing of the sort.

"Each structure we move is measured, permitted, submitted to the state, the route checked for clearance, then the move is made" the statement said.

They also said the roof work on the roving home was in fact a closely choreographed process of moving large objects through small spaces.

What's clear is the tight fit on the home stretch through Waco brought lunchtime traffic to a standstill.

Editor's note: Previous versions of this article said workers "eventually had to take the roof off the small house." An eyewitness on the other side of the overpass believed the roof was taken off to make the clearance. A company spokesperson disputes this. We've updated the article to clarify the eyewitness account.